Black Round Sling Strop 2 Tonne Rating 1.0m EWL


Popular for hanging hoops or other aerial equipment
Maximum capacity: 2 tonnes
Soft supple feel for above the hoop moves
 Black in colour
 EN Certified 1492-2:2000 – Lifting Sling Use
 7:1 Safety Factor
Available lengths range from 0.5m to 2m EWL

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Black Round Strop Strap 1.0m

Black strops/straps/slings are popular for rigging aerial equipment. Our strops are soft and supple, ideal for those moves above the hoop.

They can be attached to carabiners, or choked around the hoop, just make sure the object you attach the strop to is not sharp or abrasive, as the strops are made of fabric and can be cut.

Our strops are a complete circle, the length stated is the maximum usable length and not the circumference, eg. 0.5m EWL has a circumference of 1.0m.
As a guide if you choke the strop around the hoop you will lose approx 15cm off the working length of the strop.

Working Load Limit (WLL) is 2 tonnes (2000kg) with a safety factor of 7:1


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