Bundle – Single point aerial hoop or lyra 85cm OD – Yellow – with Carabiner and 2.0m Strap


A great value bundle to get you hooping….

85cm OD aerial hoop, pre-taped in Yellow
2.0m Black Round Sling Strop 2 Tonne Rating
25kN Carabiner
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Our single point aerial hoops are built right here in the UK to our stringent standards.

The single tab at the top of our hoop is made from extra thick 10mm welded steel, with a 16mm hole for easy rigging using a carabiner. You can also connect the hoop directly to a strop by choking the strop without the need for a carabiner. Our hoops are made from high grade steel tubing, giving incredible strength to hold 200kg, without increasing the hoops weight.

All of our aerial hoops come pre-taped and ready to use, in your chosen colour. We have spent time researching the best tape for wrapping our hoops and have found a premium quality tape that is the smoothest, most durable and least sticky for your hands when in use.
Our hoops are carefully wrapped to order by hand. We take care when wrapping hoops to minimize imperfections, but please be aware there is a slim chance there may be occasional small creases in the taped finish. This does not affect the use of your hoop, but sometimes when wrapping these creases are unavoidable.

Sizing: If you are unsure which size to choose, a simple measurement is to sit on a chair, then take a measurement from the seat to the crown of your head, proceed to add 10cm headroom. (Example 80cm + 10cm = 90cm) So in this case, you can see you would need a 90cm hoop.

Please note: all sizes refer to the OUTER diameter (OD). The internal diameter is 5.4cm less than the external diameter.
If you’re purchasing an aerial hoop for a studio or for shared use, a 95cm ring would often be the most suitable as it’s the most popular size and is mid way through the range.

Aerial Hoop Specification
External diameter: 850mm (OD) +/- 5mm
Internal diameter: 796mm +/- 5mm
Tubing diameter: 27mm
Weight: 4.75kg +/- 100g
Working Load Limit (WLL): 200kg

Black strops/straps/slings are popular for rigging aerial equipment. Our strops are soft and supple, ideal for those moves above the hoop.
They can be attached to carabiners, or choked around the hoop, just make sure the object you attach the strop to is not sharp or abrasive, as the strops are made of fabric and can be cut.
Our strops are a complete circle, the length stated is the maximum usable length and not the circumference, eg. 0.5m EWL has a circumference of 1.0m.
As a guide if you choke the strop around the hoop you will lose approx 15cm off the working length of the strop.
Working Load Limit (WLL) is 2 tonnes (2000kg) with a safety factor of 7:1

Strop/Sling Specification
Popular for hanging hoops or other aerial equipment
Maximum capacity: 2 tonnes
Soft supple feel for above the hoop moves
Black in colour
EN Certified 1492-2:2000 – Lifting Sling Use
7:1 Safety Factor

25kN Carabiner Specification
Material: Zinc plated steel construction
Opening: 18mm
Length: 108mm
Width: 60mm
Strength: 25kN
Conforms to EN362 CE standards
Screw lock gate

All measurements are approximate to the nearest mm.

Our aerial hoops are manufactured in the UK by aerialhoops.co.uk and fully strength tested, please see our video for more information on the tests we do.
If you require individual hoops certifying for commercial use please contact us before you place your order and we will be happy to arrange this.


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